Boho Chic Outfit Inspo

It’s Monday, Glamazons! Let’s start the week of in Style, shall we. I have a confession to make, I’m completely and utterly obsessed with BOHO Style for Summer. Which actually surprises most people, since I’m usually the edgy girly girl who tends to wear too much black– so to see me in white is kind of a shocker. Why am I confessing this you ask? Well, because you are going to see quite a bit of Boho Looks during this season.

I love this style for the simple fact that it’s incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down. Whether you’re trying to look put together and beautiful for a night out or just plain ol’ cute during the day– boho style is perfect for any occasion. I love playing with simple pieces and putting together different looks to express my personal style. With so much to choose from, the outfit possibilities are endless.BohoChic

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Brows on Fleek: Eyebrow Tutorial

Happy Friday, my gorgeous Glamazons and welcome back to my blog. As I browse Instagram and Pinterest, I’m astonished by the obsession we all have with our BROWS! Yes I said it, we are all obsessed with achieving brow perfection and honestly, who can blame us? Eyebrows are a focal point on our face, they help define and (if done properly) enhance our features. With trending hashtags like #BrowGoals, #BrowsOnPoint, #BrowGameStrong, #BrowsOnFleek, it’s no wonder we are all Brow-Crazed! And let me begin by saying, I’m one of those brow-obsessed people. When I was younger I never would have imagined that my eyebrows would be this important to me– but they are! They not only help shape my face but they elevate my glam, and let’s be honest here– we all want to look FIERCE and Slay our beats! (Translation: We all want our makeup to look incredible)Brows(BeforeAfter)

I love doing my eyebrows and I guess I must be doing something right because I get a lot of request for a brow tutorial. Since it’s Friday and I think we all need some Glamspiration for the weekend, here’s my most requested tutorial– Brows on Fleek! Continue reading

Casual Weekend Outfit Inspiration

From slaying in a glamorous outfit to being totally casual in some denim and tees– my style varies. As I’m sure is true with most of you, Glamazons. Usually on weekends I love to dress up and go all out with my outfits, but this weekend was my exception. In all honestly, I was completely and utterly drained from the previous week’s adventures to really deliver a killer outfit. Either way, even on my most “relaxed” day, you know I have to look put together. And I must admit that I really liked how my Sunday OOTD (outfit of the day, for those who don’t know) came together, as casual as it may have been.CasualOOTD

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GUESS Girl: Gold Series

For as long as I can remember, I have loved GUESS. It’s been the brand that has most dominated my wardrobe throughout the years and for one simple reason– it exemplifies everything I love about fashion. GUESS is a brand that stays true to the classics; elegance, simplicity and true style. And in a fashion world dominated by the ever-changing trends– it’s comforting to know that there will always be a brand that stays true to itself and origins.CAM09209

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My Weekend Accessories in Retrospect

Welcome back Glamazons! Today I wanted to switch gears a bit and talk about my other love, Fashion! More specifically STYLE! Anyone can buy fashion, but true style must be possessed. In the words of Oscar de la Renta “Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.” This quote could not be more true nor could it be any closer to my heart. I truly believe that we are a canvas and the way we choose to style ourselves is a form of self-expression. Even those who can swear up and down that they have no fashion sense or could care less about fashion, are still expressing that belief through their own personal style– as nonchalant as it may be.

With that being said, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you all a small insight into my own personal style. You’ll see more of my style and love for all things fashion in the coming weeks– but since today is just a sneak peek, I thought that we’d take a look back at my accessories for this past weekend. Continue reading

40’s Pinup Girl Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Welcome Glamazons! After weeks of work, I am finally ready to debut my new project, my baby (if you will)– my blog. So welcome to Double Dose of Sass! I am completely aware that my blog is still a work-in-progress but that just means that I’m leaving room to grow. With that being said, I am so incredibly excited to be writing this first blog post and I’m hoping you all enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it for you.Pinup Girl July 4 Blog Title_wm

Yesterday was the 4th of July and I decided that for my first blog post, I would draw inspiration from one of my favorite eras and also from America’s earlier years. During WWII, Pinup Girls were used to keep soldiers’ morale up and often times to motivate them to go to war. Thinking about 4th of July and America’s history, I am reminded of what a beautiful, diverse and incredible country we live in. But at the same time, America wouldn’t be what it is without sacrifice and brave soldiers willing to fight and give their lives for our freedom. To me, nothing says classic Americana (in the terms of makeup and fashion) like the 40’s Pinup Girls. Which is why I chose the 40’s as my inspiration for today’s Makeup Tutorial. Continue reading